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With one click you can instantly diversify your value into several different currencies, diversifying risk and enabling customized exposure to the cryptocurrency market.
The Bitquence Universal Wallet makes it easy and safe to transfer value of any form anywhere, anytime, anyplace instantly for free.
Cryptocurrencies become accessible to the average user making it easy to utilize the New Economy. Fees are competitive encouraging everyone to participate.

Why Bitquence?

People-powered cryptocurrency services for the blockchain.

Bitquence’s Mission is to make the daunting cryptocurrency market accessible to everybody, accelerating adoption of blockchain technology and democratizing ownership of cryptocurrencies.

We make cryptocurrencies easier to purchase and transfer allowing the average individual to participate in the New Economy.

We believe in the philosophical mission established by Satoshi Nakamoto. By creating a secure layer that is accessible to the average person, we put the power in the hands of the people – where it belongs.

Invest In The Future
Bitquence Benefits:

State of the art digital security ensures that your assets are safe with us.
Simplification and Transparency
Asset allocations are transparent and fully accessible. Allocations are simple and easily understood, so you know what you are buying.
High Liquidity and Access
All Asset Allocations only diversify in liquid assets so it is easy to deposit and withdraw. Using the Bitquence Liquidity Network, payments of any type can be sent anywhere instantly.
Get Started Quickly
Deposit digital currencies or fiat. No setup fees or hidden costs. Rapid asset allocation and managed wallets let you diversify value quickly.
Community Consensus
Community consensus risk profiles reward experienced users for their expertise while providing newer users information on risk and quality of digital assets.
Mobile Universal Wallet
Our team of mobile experts ensures Bitquence is mobile friendly so you can monitor and transfer your allocations on the go.

The Ultimate Guide to Buying Crypto


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