Hey everyone, we’re tickled pink that Forbes picked up the story about Bitquence’s crowdsale!



Forbes contributor Roger Aitken definitely “gets it” (he’s definitely worth following on Twitter) and provides one of the best write-ups we’ve seen on Bitquence’s vision.

An initiative targeting mainstream consumers with a “user-friendly crypto wallet” and touted powerful features to enhance accessibility, Bitquence today launched a crowdfund backed by an international group of experts. The project is driven by the idea that people are “irrevocably changing” the way they interact with financial services.

Aitken zeroed in on the inherent consumer challenges in cryptocurrencies, namely the possibility of losing all of your money if you get a digit wrong somewhere.

To illustrate the point. Just think here about how hard it can be to participate in a crowdsale with your ethereum wallet or setup a PIVX wallet. Or, just how utterly out of luck you are should you lose a private key.

“The ecosystem can be really hard and unforgiving and way way beyond the reach of mass adoption…and somewhat out of reach even for early adopters,” a Bitquence spokesman reflected.

Aitken also thoroughly understood and explained elegantly how Bitquence is looking at proof of stake community consensus.

Holders of BQX will be able to vote on a number of features to provide a “community-based rating” for coins, such as opinions on technical fundamentals and governance. It will also power one-click diversification and instant value transfer, which will mitigate the lag inherent in blockchain transactions.

Users will be able to rate coins on aspects of quality and risk. Quality will include quant scoring dimensions, which will include technical merit, market potential, community and governance.

Then the user will need to stake tokens on the outcome of the coins future performance. For example, will it go up, down or stay flat?  Every week Bitquence will reward the most accurate users and providing the community with insights.

We really appreciate the thoughtful write-up and perspective.

Read the whole Forbes article here: link.