BQX is an access token that enables anybody to securely manage their cryptocurrency wallets, keys and coins.

  • Designed with consumer safety, security and regulatory compliance in mind.
  • Used to access the Bitquence platform and features.
  • Enables consumers to safely interface directly with blockchains.
  • ERC20 audited contracts running on the Ethereum Blockchain.
  • Provides lower-cost transactions with consumer control over funds.
  • Branded for safe and secure use with the Bitquence platform.

The Bitquence Token (BQX) is essential to the function of the Bitquence platform. BQX is a Functional Token that will be used on the platform to access various features and fees. Furthermore, as BQX becomes more liquid over time, we anticipate it could be used to rebalance individual portfolios. In other words, liquidity generated by BQX from fee conversions and BQX trading pairs can be used in a “liquidity network” that would enable users to shift allocations between various currencies quickly and easily.

In short BQX Tokens will:

  • Be the payment mechanism for accessing and using services on the Bitquence platform
  • Pay for transaction fees and API calls
  • Enable liquidity to help with changes in user asset allocations

However, BQX Tokens will NOT:

  • Pay dividends or profits of any kind
  • Enable holders to vote on company matters, or
  • Control the company in any way

In the future, Bitquence Tokens may be used to send value, similar to PayPal. This is where we hope to get to and believe that it will require navigating technical and legal solutions with care and expertise.