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Leaderboard "Thank You" Campaign Live Here

5,000 ETH Minimum Target
Starts 28th June 5:00 PM UTC
Early platform access for contributors

Offering Terms

Offering Size

  • 40,000 ETH Soft Cap with 150,000 ETH Hard Cap
  • The number of tokens sold will represent 30% of the total supply and all pools will be scaled accordingly

Pricing Mechanism

  • Early buyer discounts on 28th of June as a rate sliding from 5000 BQX:1 ETH down to 3175 BQX:1 ETH
  • Every contributor will receive a unique referral link and 5% referral fee for all contributions that we can track and match with this link

Secure Escrow

  • Funds held in TokenMarket Escrow
  • Multi-signature wallet
  • Management Team tokens non-transferable upon completion - locked for 3 months through a smart contract function
  • Legal T&C - BQX Creation Terms

BQX Benefits

  • BQX is the backbone of the digital liquidity network and will be an asset exchangeable for a variety of fiat and cryptocurrencies
  • BQX can be used as “gas” for transactions and storage
  • BQX held in an account will make the entire account eligible for reduced cost transactions and storage
  • BQX can be staked on the platform against consensus risk profiles earning rewards
  • All BQX token holders will be given exclusive curated token sale access

The tokens will be sold at a discount to early buyers at a rate sliding from 5000 BQX:1 ETH down to 3175 BQX:1 ETH. If the 40,000 ETH goal is reached, we will continue to sell BQX for 72 hours to protect those who wish to participate in the event that all tokens sell out quickly. The total number of tokens sold during the sale will be 30% and all pools will be scaled accordingly.

Cumulative number of ETH committed BQX per ETH rate
0-4,999 5000
5,000-9,999 4600
10,000-14,999 4200
15,000-19,999 3500
20,000-39,999 3175
40,000-150,000 1363
Possible 72 Hour Period Table Price

In the scenario where 150,000 ETH is committed, approximately 300M BQX tokens will be sold

5% Referral Bonus

  • Pass the unique link to your friends and receive 5% Referral Bonus in BQX tokens, whenever they contribute with your link
  • Tokens will be awarded after the token sale is closed
  • Track your referral progress anytime on TokenMarket


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